So, while I picked up the brush again a couple of years ago, I never really stopped working as an artist since I left school. I guess the real difference is that I committed to the work and decided I wanted to work in a community and get the input of good teachers. As I have written elsewhere, that started at the Art institute and now continues with Rebecca George at The Art House.

This timeline documents my evolution as an artist through the past 3 and a half decades. In a very real way , to me at least, it’s also a portrait of who I was at all of these points in my life. In some ways it’s a little uncomfortable to look at all of this work. I was not always in the healthiest place in my life when I did some these pieces. On the flip side, I am so grateful and content with how my work has progressed since I decided leave the “fortress of solitude” and engage with the arts community I have found over the past 5 years.


1980 – 1990

1990 – 2000

2000 – 2010

2010 – 2013





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